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How do you get a PR event off the ground?

By | 2017-04-19T09:10:23+00:00 April 19th, 2017|Everyday life|

How do you get a PR and Marketing event off the ground? .... You follow the example of The Mumprenneur Network in the North Lanes, Brighton, last year, and get enthusiastic networkers to set their intent for their businesses on the wings of a dove and watch them soar, high and free!

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Saying Goodbye ….

By | 2017-04-19T08:54:46+00:00 April 19th, 2017|Everyday life|

For the last 5,000 years, white doves have been deeply ingrained in human culture. From the dawn of civilisation, through every age and culture, they have been held as symbols of peace, love and serenity. In the mind of every human on the planet, the dove holds only good connotations. It is these thoughts of [...]

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Lessons in Love, our Valentine Release

By | 2017-04-19T09:11:54+00:00 March 28th, 2017|Everyday life|

So, once again, with our core team of varied and excited entreprenneurs, it was time for our next big dove release: February 12 – a Valentine’s Release. Having watched so many happy folk enjoy releasing 2016 and seeing their doves soar high over the South Downs for New Year 2017, releasing LOVE seemed the obvious [...]

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Doves & Rainbows – more than a goodbye

By | 2017-03-28T17:46:00+00:00 November 29th, 2016|Everyday life|

Last month something truly beautiful happened at a funeral we attended with 4 of our doves. It was a small group of just four people (hence the four doves) and the funeral director had explained to us that the daughter, only child of the deceased, was very distressed at the thought of letting go of [...]

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Beautiful Dove Release at Eastbourne Crematorium

By | 2017-04-19T09:17:05+00:00 September 10th, 2013|Everyday life|

Our pure white doves ready for release at Worthing crematorium. It was a very emotional service and the release definitely helped ease the atmosphere while symbolizing the eternal peace and rest of a much loved grandmother. If you have recently lost a friend or loved one then releasing one of our white doves in their [...]

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On the nest

By | 2017-04-19T09:00:56+00:00 May 17th, 2013|Everyday life|

This is one of our favorite doves and she has been incubating these eggs for over 2 weeks now. Her mate also incubates the eggs, they will sit on them for 18 days taking turns; they should hatch next week!  To think, you could be release her or one of her chicks at your wedding or [...]

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The Doves out flying today!

By | 2017-03-28T17:50:02+00:00 May 12th, 2013|Everyday life|

These two doves have been paired their entire lives and enjoy nothing better than being out flying in the sun together. All our doves are let out every day, come rain or shine. This way they get a good grip on the local area which helps them navigate home when they are released from an [...]

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