Friends Of Lambert's dove release

Sussex dove release
Sussex dove release

Clive Lambert

In life we have friends and we have family. Here at Lambert’s White Dove Release, family comes first, so our first and biggest shout goes to Viv’s cousin, Clive.
Clive started Lambert’s White Dove Release in London several years ago and helped set us up here in Brighton when Viv realised there was no fully-operational WDR company in the whole of Sussex and felt our County was missing out! He advised us on shed building, dove feeding, breeding and care, as well as every aspect of business set up …. You name it, he supported us and got us going, he even brought down our first few babies from his flock in London.

Clive, we owe you!

If you know anyone who wants a dove release in North London, Clive’s your man. With over 100 birds he’s done releases, large and small, for all manner of celebrities and civil occasions, including for the Mayor of London and a big commemorative event at Marble Arch recently.

His largest release was for 100 doves at the 100 Year Anniversary Memorial, recognising the important role played by African and Indian members of the Commonwealth during WWI. You can find him and book his doves here:

Tiger Cox

Tiger started Sussex Doves several years ago and when we started Lambert’s White Dove Release, Brighton, we met up with him and started working collaboratively.

Tiger’s a really smart cookie and a born entrepreneur, with a huge love of birds, animals and nature in general. We’re hugely grateful for all sorts of support he gives us but first and foremost, he’s our ‘go to’ person when it comes to understanding and caring for our doves. He not only still keeps doves but also now has racing pigeons and a peregrine falcon named Saffie, he’s raised from birth!

Always keen to help educate and connect people with nature, he is currently busy helping people feel more freedom outdoors with adventure experiences on the South Downs, which include everything from outdoor cooking and camping to paragliding with Saffie!

You can find more about Tiger on his website

Sussex dove release
Sussex dove release

Mrs Harding's Tote Bags

We’re so pleased to support Pat Harding and introduce you here to the gorgeous tote bags she makes. She’s now sold over 200 of them and a few weeks ago I was privileged to visit her at her bungalow where she showed me at least another 200 hanging tidily in a wardrobe in her spare bedroom.

They are amazing, she is a very professional seamstress and all these beautifully made, fully lined tote bags – both in the dove pattern shown here and other colourful material – are incredible value. She gives her time for free and every penny she makes goes to the hospital that helped them when they needed it most.

Laura and I, who both have our own large dove tote bags, highly recommend them and are proud to support Pat in her lovely venture.

Drop her an email using the form on this page and she’ll send you sizes, prices and details of local shows she’s attending where you can see her other designs as well.

“Sadly my husband Len died last year and at the funeral we had Lambert’s White Doves, I found it a wonderful comforting experience, it was very spiritual cradling the dove and releasing it with my thoughts and prayers. I contacted Viv after seeing some beautiful fabric with white doves in flight and told her I was making Dove Tote Bags in memory of my Husband, proceeds going to our local hospital for all the wonderful care and support my husband and I received during his stay there and for making a very stressful time so much easier for us both. I am pleased to say Viv has offered to put them on her website and I had received a several orders for which I’m very grateful to her.”
Pat Harding


We met Kate through the MNC Network. An animal loving photographer with an eye for detail, she quickly proved herself to be a fast shooter too, capturing shots of our fast flying doves that escaped many in her profession.

The first big photo shoot she did for us was our 50 dove New Year release at Devil’s Dyke for those who wanted to release 2016 and fly high in 2017. It was a fabulous day, loads of fun and she managed to take some brilliant photos – it was also absolutely freezing and how she kept her fingers functioning for several hours in that icy wind I will never know!

The images she sent us after though were beautiful, really capturing the feelings of those releasing doves as well as the birds in flight.

Kate is available for weddings and all special occasions and specializes in capturing the moments that create great memories:
FB: Kate Henwood Photography

The Mumprenneur Networking Company (MNC)

We’ve been members of MNC for about 4 years now and have gained so much from this community! If you have a business you want to promote in Sussex, or even Enfield, London, MNC is the place to network.
Being a sole trader can be lonely but here you’ll find a very supportive network as well as a great market place. We’ve currently done over 40 dove releases at MNC meetings or events, or for MNC members, and several members have actively supported us on deliveries, both private and charity.