Lessons in Love, our Valentine Release

Sussex dove release

So, once again, with our core team of varied and excited entreprenneurs, it was time for our next big dove release: February 12 – a Valentine’s Release. Having watched so many happy folk enjoy releasing 2016 and seeing their doves soar high over the South Downs for New Year 2017, releasing LOVE seemed the obvious next step in a year that has already proved controversial and challenging for many.

We had our beautiful doves ready and willing to set our messages of love flying free across Sussex; we had Sammie’s camper set up with hot drinks as well as her gorgeous jewelry with it’s inspirational messages and her cheeky cards. We had the talented Laurie ready to pen personal poems as couples quaffed Prosecco; we had the gifted Kate wrapped well, camera poised. And we had ….. FOG!!! Wet, freezing and very thick!!!
Our doves’ homing instinct is amazing. We take them out in a basket, tucked safely in the boot of the car, release them from said basket or by hand and with no sat nav, Tom Tom, smart phone or other device – not even a quick glimpse at a Collins Road Map – they’re up, circling, tuning into goodness-knows-what, and heading back. Similar to the messenger pigeons used during both world wars, they’re brilliant. If I could train them to speak I’d reserve one to sit on the passenger head-rest and talk me back home because they clearly know short cuts unknown to Google Maps!!!
FOG however, stymies them. Have you ever seen a bird fly in thick fog? No, and you won’t either – especially not one of ours. We love our doves and want to make sure they get home safely, so never ask us for a night release or a foggy one. It won’t happen.
Yesterday, after messaging guests who’d booked and re-arranging their release for a day that suited them, we headed into the Pub to thaw our frozen bones over Sunday lunch before giving our lovely birdies a lift home. The path of true love is never straightforward – they were confused but grateful and tucked all your messages up with them last night releasing them far and wide when they celebrated in a bright sunlit sky this morning.
We will be back, maybe at Easter if demand’s there – Easter Sunday so we can roll over into Monday should the weather poop on us again. Easter’s about celebrating the power of the Ressurection; about New Life; renewed hope – comment below if you’re up for releasing a dove to take that message, and your love, out.