We all went down to the woods to play ….

Sussex dove release

So on Friday we all went down to the woods to play: opera singer, her talented and beautiful dancer daughter; dress and make up artists; photographers; videographers; us and half a dozen of our lovely doves. In this gorgeous setting a magical story was enacted, and our very confused little guys (they’d never been released amongst towering redwood trees before!) stole the show.
We really do have the most interesting business don’t we? I love the variety: so far this month, as well as funerals and a wedding celebration, we’ve released at a nursery school (little ‘uns ‘flying’ up to big school in September), luxury health spa (anniversary of death), secondary school (memorial for pupil killed in accident), and this fascinating promotional video shoot….
We feel so honoured and privileged to be invited to join people on their journeys and to help them create special memories, yet our birdies take it all in their stride (or wing flap…) and we fall in love with them a bit more every time they make their way home and land gracefully back on the shed roof.
How has this little story inspired you?